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In June, 2018, CrossFit 845 used Wodify Arena to run their 4th annual “Fittest Alive in the 845” competition at their Wappingers Falls location. This CrossFit competition consisted of four events, one of which included a tie-breaker. A cash prize of $525 was awarded to the first place male and female finishers, and according to trainer and organizer Jess Maurer, the competition once again went off without a hitch.

This was the fourth year that CrossFit 845 held their “Fittest Alive in the 845” competition, and the second using Wodify Arena. In the years before Wodify Arena, the organizers used Excel spreadsheets, an admittedly slower and less efficient system. “The biggest pain in the butt with spreadsheets is that you have to keep changing the size of the boxes for people’s names,” said organizer and coach Jess Maurer. With so many people and events to deal with, a system that could save her time was a priority.

Maurer and her CrossFit 845 team were able to enjoy their event due to the features in Wodify Arena that make running competitions fun and hassle-free. “My favorite feature is definitely the heat assignments,” said Maurer. “Arena makes it easy to have split divisions and shared divisions in the heats. The tie-breaker was also great. In the past, we haven’t been able to have a tie-breaker for some events. Our original tie-break scoring plan without Arena would’ve made things a lot more complicated.”

“Arena made the scoring so much easier and saved me a ton of time.” 

Jess Maurer 

CrossFit 845 Trainer

Maurer was most impressed with the amount of time Wodify Arena saved her. From the ease of entering scores, to the fact that waivers were collected automatically through the software, she was thrilled that everything went according to plan. “The streamlining of sign ups, waivers, and scoring make it worth going back to Arena each time.”

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