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Switched from: Vagaro
Key Business Need:
All-in-one tool


Kathryn and Steven Paprocki have big goals when it comes to running their business. They want to double their membership and open a new and larger location in a short timeframe. Previously, DCO MMA was using the software Vagaro, which does not have all of the capabilities, such as lead tracking, that Kathryn needs in order to grow their business. Additionally, they needed a platform that was more user-friendly so they could streamline their processes as they gain more students and begin spending more time on the mat. 

“I now feel more comfortable using Wodify’s Platform after seeing how easy it can be with our UI. Now I can be a more involved business owner with my wife!”

Steven Paprocki



When growing a business, automation becomes extremely important as it allows for streamlined operations, nurturing leads, and increasing retention. In other words, automation makes new students feel cared for, hence converting them from leads to full-time clients.   

Kathryn loves using Wodify’s automated communications to communicate directly with their students. For example, if they need to update a payment method or remind them about an upcoming lesson. This allows for Kathryn and Steven to save time not having to send individual reminders to each student as their student base grows. 

Automated communication is crucial for creating enduring relationships with students that help increase student retention rates.

In an attempt to further cut down on admin work behind a computer, Wodify’s automated billing and payment system has allowed Kathryn and Steven to organize their business and feel confident, knowing they’ll never miss an invoice or paycheck as they transfer to a larger location.

“Wodify is very user friendly compared to our previous software. Before there were too many steps that needed to be taken that made it overwhelming, and Wodify has solved that problem for us.”

Steven Paprocki



DCO MMA has been Powered by Wodify for only 2 months and they are on track to expand to a larger location. With the help of Wodify Core, automating their daily tasks, they are running their business the way they want and saving time with a single platform so they can grow exponentially without increasing their own workloads. 

Aside from improving their own partnership as business owners, Kathryn and Steven highly value their partnership with the Wodify Team. They are appreciative of the on-going support they have received from the Customer Success, and Account Management teams. Having a single management platform with a dedicated team is something that is important to the DCO MMA owners as they go through the expansion process.

“DCO MMA is very excited to actually be using a software to help the school run more efficiently as they continue to grow and make a location change”

Kathryn Paprocki


You can learn more about Wodify’s All-in-One Jiu-Jitsu Customer Retention Platform here by scheduling a call with one of our experts!

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