Add science to the art of retention

The fitness industry's first machine learning tool that identifies at-risk clients.
Using millions of data points across thousands of businesses, Retain’s algorithm predicts which of your clients are likely to cancel their membership, so you can prevent churn and increase your revenue.
Best Practices & Examples

Retention is the foundation of a successful business

Remote Gym

Client Results

Motivate clients by reaching out at the right time to get them back in class and on track to reach their next goals
1-on-1 support

Business Health

Increase your revenue and remain profitable by offering a personalized client outreach experience that maintains recurring membership sales
1-on-1 support

Community Strength

Keep more clients for longer, to build a lasting community of satisfied and engaged members

The Wodify difference

Industry expertise

First to compile 10 years of performance & attendance data to build the algorithm
Set goals, log results, and chart improvements over time with Wodify Perform gym management software.

Data + insights

We provide the metrics and the business best practices for your staff to take action

Accurate attendance reporting

With fully integrated software, you can achieve 100% accuracy in attendance reporting, which is critical to improving retention

Simple & organized

With a modern interface and automatically prioritized data, we streamline managing your clients who are at-risk 

Software that pays for itself

Did you know that on average, 45% of new clients will cancel their membership within their first 90 days. With Retain, you will improve your retention rate and directly impact your revenue & profitability.

Ready to improve your client retention with Retain?

“If you’ve got 150 clients… Paying you 150 bucks a month, and you can improve their retention by three months, your net owner benefit goes up by $40,000 a year”
Chris Cooper
Two-Brain Business Founder