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140% Growth
Number of Clients
$124 Increase
Avg Revenue per Client
7 Years
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As a former police officer and SWAT operator, Eric Basek was an expert at self-defense and fitness, but owning a business was new territory. In 2011, he founded Blue Titan Fitness - a 6,000 square foot facility offering martial arts and fitness classes for a variety of clients.

As the business started to grow, Eric found himself dealing with billing issues and a less-than-ideal client experience with his martial arts business management software. In addition, he was in need of a tool that would allow him to display class instruction and workouts for his members no matter what sport they were training in and let them track their progress. 

Blue Titan Fitness had 125 clients paying an average of $75/month, but Eric knew there was a bigger opportunity. He needed a software partner that would allow him to not only reclaim his time, but also deliver a better experience for his members and ultimately increase student retention.


With Wodify's Customer Retention Platform, Eric found what he needed to efficiently run his business, deliver an exceptional client experience, and run martial arts, functional fitness, and nutrition services all from one platform. The automated billing features let him reclaim his time and get back to building the business. Wodify’s industry-leading performance tracking gave his clients a new tool, which in turn, allowed Eric to increase his membership prices with no harm done to the client retention rate.

One of the Wodify features he was most excited to roll out was class check-in feature so that members could easily check their attendance which qualifies them for their next promotion test. "Wodify’s reporting is thorough & detailed, so I always know how my business is doing and how engaged my clients are."

In addition to Wodify Core, Eric also took advantage of Wodify Pulse, real time heart rate training. "It’s a great benefit. People are addicted to it." said Eric.

“For martial arts studios, there is a huge opportunity to add fitness and nutrition. There is not a single martial arts business that couldn’t benefit from nutrition and fitness. Wodify gives you the ability to easily expand into that.”


Blue Titan Fitness has been using Wodify for 7 years now. Eric’s business is thriving and he has more than doubled his revenue, with a 140% increase in the number of clients and grown the average revenue per client by $125, to $200/month. 

Wodify has helped him create a wonderful experience from the time someone visits his website until the end of a class. The client gets to track their own attendance and know where they stand as far as qualifying for promotion tests." said Eric. On top of that, his members are much happier with the seamless billing experience and control they have over their information.

Today, Eric is continuing to expand his business with a client-experience-first attitude, meaning if the clients have a good experience with the business's technology, then retention rates will increase, hence helping the business's bottom line. "With Wodify it shows our gym is getting better and evolving - your clients don’t want to think it’s stale". 

Get Wodify Core and grow your gym 140% this year.

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