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Switched from: MyStudio
Key Business Need:
All-in-one tool


Joel and Tamrah Ellenbecker had big dreams of owning their own martital arts school and after years of working in the industry they were given the opportunity to acquire their own Krav Maga school. They chose to name the school Fortitude, which means strength and courage in the face of adversity. As their business quickly grew they were faced with the challenges of bringing more value to his clients and needing a tool to help him make more informed decisions. 

“I needed a more professional software that would bring more value to my members and provide me with clear data to make decisions about my business.”

Joel Ellenbeck

Fortitude Krav Maga Owner

Ellenbecker quickly learned that an all-in-one Martial Arts management software could help not only improve the client experience and streamline his business, but also allow him grow financially.


It was an easy decision when Ellenbecker made the transition to Wodify Core in 2021. They needed a product that offered financial management and client engagement. “ Our main goal was to simplify our systems and have more of our data collected in one place. Additionally, provide our members with more value and a better experience.”  Fortitude now feels more confident than ever in their success and customer satisfaction. 

There is no more need for multiple reporting tools or unorganized data, because the business insights within Wodify, not only provides them with the information they need at a quick glance, but serves as a custom platform that they can easily design to meet their needs. 

No more worries about unpaid invoices or missing paychecks because Wodify provides a streamlined billing system needed to reclaim their time. 

Lastly, no more untracked attendance, Fortitude clients can easily sign-up and sign-in to classes with the Wodify Mobile App, making it one of the most used and loved features by their students. Let’s not forget it’s also a favorite of the business owners. “I personally love the Wodify App for signing into classes,” said Ellenbecker.


Foritutde Krav Maga has been powering their business with Wodify Core for just over a year and has helped Ellenbecker increase their leads to 35 per week, which has resulted in a 50% revenue growth and a new all time high! 

With the exciting financial growth the business has seen and the time saved with reporting and attendance tracking, they have been able to add 4 new classes (strength and conditioning, Muay Thai, advanced kids and a self defense weapons class) to their calendar since making the switch.The substancial revenue growth has been a great achievement, but their improved top-notch customer experience is what they cherish. 

In addition to the benefits of utilizing the Wodify platform, Joel and Tamrah also enjoy the many benefits of being a Wodify customer. 

“I absolutely love that Wodify is continuing to grow and develop their products and service. As well as anytime I've needed help or customer service, it has been fast, professional and easy!”

You can learn more about Wodify’s All-in-One Martial Arts Management Platform here by scheduling a call with one of our experts!

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