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Switched from: PushPress and SugarWOD
Key Business Need: All-in-one tool


Kristen and Michael Carroll had the opportunity to acquire their own gym in October 2021, and knew it was a chance they could not pass up. When they acquired the business they were not only handed the keys, but also multiple softwares that were restricting and inefficient. They were spending more time switching between softwares throughout the day to manage the programming, billing, results, and reporting.    

Carroll had used Wodify, the all-in-one fitness Customer Retention Platform (CRP), as a coach and a client at a previous gym and wanted to make the switch to help streamline her business and build a stronger community in order to increase client retention.

“I was very used to Wodify and always liked it as an athlete and coach in other gyms, so I knew I wanted something I knew well and had the ability to streamline the systems.”

Kristen Carroll

CrossFit Lift and Thrive Owner


Carroll was eager to ditch their current software and transition to Wodify Core in 2021. “ I needed to have one easy platform to handle memberships, billing, workouts/programs, and  robust reporting,said Kristen. Now that CrossFit Lift and Thrive manages their business with Wodify, they can save time with the single platform and gain confidence with the use of technology. 

Carroll seamlessly made the transition to Wodify and was supported by our experts who encouraged Carroll to truly customize the platform to give her the best results. “ Anytime I had a question someone from Wodify wanted to hop on a call  to show me the tools,  how to use them properly and  how to optimize, it was huge! I learned in 30 days with Wodify support what might have taken 6+ months otherwise.” said Carroll. 

There is no more need for multiple outdated tools or complex software, because as the owner she could now effortlessly run her business and get back to creating her community, and hence, attracting clients who were in it for the long haul.


CrossFit Lift and Thrive has been powering their business with Wodify Core for just over 6 months and in that short time, Carroll has doubled their membership growth with a 50% increase. 

Members are now enjoying a stronger sense of community through the Leaderboard and the ease of signing waivers/contracts for new clients. “Nobody has every complained about the waiver or contract process even when doing it 100% from their phones”. Other Wodify Core features such as athlete tracking and customizable reports are saving her time and increasing retention, bringing Kristen Carroll the easy-to-use and streamlined success she was in search of. 

There are many features within Wodify Core that business owners love, but Kristen said “ I’d have to say the custom reporting available is my favorite”. 

You can learn more about Wodify’s All-in-One Fitness Management Platform here by scheduling a call with one of our experts!

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