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Key Business Need All-in-one Solution

CrossFit Mayhem’s old management system relied on antiquated Excel spreadsheets, manual emails, and hard copies of contracts and waivers. Eager for an improvement, Manager Yvette Clark initially searched for software that would help them organize and automate so they could focus on growth, retention and value. Years later, the gym’s goals and direction have evolved. Their reliance on robust software hasn’t changed, but new demands like appointment scheduling, retail sales, 1-1 coaching and online programs have emerged.

CrossFit Mayhem scaled their operations with Wodify Core to help them stay current with the fitness needs of their community. By using Wodify, CrossFit Mayhem has been able to grow their membership base tenfold and smoothly run over 60 classes per week, without sacrificing the quality of their athletes’ experience. As they’ve grown, Wodify has adapted to their needs. Along with developing an appointment system that seamlessly integrates into the Wodify Core software, Wodify also powers their unique corporate wellness and targeted online programs such as “What’s Rich Doing?”, a subscription-based plan that offers an inside look into Froning’s rigorous training techniques. “I can’t imagine using three different pieces of software when one does it all,” says Froning.

“I can’t imagine using three different pieces of software when one does it all.” 

Rich Froning Jr.

CrossFit Mayhem Owner

Wodify's Customer Retention Platform has helped CrossFit Mayhem provide increased value to their athletes and increase retention substantially. Additionally, Clark has been able to add more value for her athletes. With instant access to workout history through Wodify Perform, her coaches and athletes are much better informed. “Athletes fell in love with Wodify as soon as we installed it. They immediately became engaged in tracking their performance.”

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