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Key Business Need: Managing Growth

CrossFit 1Force is a well-established box in Deptford, NJ, owned by Jesse Crespo and Erin Kelly. The husband-and-wife team grew their business from 19 members to nearly two hundred in two years. They rely on Wodify Core to keep their 10,000 square-foot facility running smoothly.

Crossfit 1Force was a victim of its own success. It exploded into a flourishing business before husband-and-wife owners Jesse Crespo and Erin Kelly had an effective way to manage their memberships and financials. They were in need of scalable processes that could grow at the pace of their business and better enable them to focus on coaching, training, and inspiring athletes.

Crespo and Kelly seamlessly migrated their business operations into Wodify's Customer Retention Platform (CRP) and had all of their athletes entered into the system within a matter of days. “There is great value in using Wodify Core,” says Crespo. “It’s cost efficient because it consolidated all the separate tools I was using at the time.”

Wodify's CRP allows CrossFit 1Force to be run from a single site, lessening the burden on Crespo and Kelly. From payroll and retail, to class scheduling and lead management, everything comes from the same source. Another key benefit of Wodify, according to Crespo, is the actionable data provided by the system’s Reporting feature. “In just a few clicks, I can see the health of my business at 30, 60, and 90 days, and adjust what I’m doing as needed.”

“My gym would not run efficiently without Wodify Core.”

Erin Kelly and Jesse Crespo

CrossFit 1 Force Owners 

For Jesse Crespo, the value is simple. “My box would not run efficiently without Wodify Core. Their reports track receivables, retail sales, athlete performance, member attendance and more. Without them, I wouldn’t know my business or its potential for growth.”

In addition to taking advantage of the reports and dashboards inside Wodify Core, CrossFit 1Force also adopted Wodify’s own payment processing system, Wodify Payments, to further streamline their business. As a result, their bottom line increased nearly 20% in the first month following Wodify Payments’ launch.

Knowing they can always get help from Wodify’s support team when needed is also a great benefit and allows the duo to spend more time with their son. “The unlimited product support is great,” says Crespo. “I know I’ll always get the help I need from folks who know the CrossFit business inside and out.”

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