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Switched from MindBody Online

Key Business Need Dashboards & Reporting

Owner Justin Cotler found himself in the same situation as many box owners looking to grow and succeed: his management software was insufficient and his athlete-tracking methods were out-of-date.

Before switching to Wodify's Customer Retention Platform (CRP), CrossFit Dynamix used Mindbody for its membership management, communications, and scheduling. However, Cotler found the software difficult to navigate. As for tracking reservations and athlete performance, he was even more old school, relying on pens, paper, and calculators to do the job.

He was in need of an accurate and efficient platform that could handle both back-end management and member-facing functions to help set his gym apart.

Cotler chose Wodify Core after carefully researching various options. He wanted a platform that offered financial management tools in an easy-to-use, attractive platform. Customer service and support were also high priorities.

Because New York City is such a competitive market, Wodify helps make a good first impression with potential members due to its ability to track individual performance. “Most people are coming from a ‘globo’ gym, where a service like this is simply unheard of,” says Cotler.  

“Most people are coming from a ‘globo’ gym where a service like this is simply unheard of.” 

Johnny Nice

CrossFit Dynamix Owner

Implementing Wodify's CRP was easy and Cotler was impressed with how quickly they could transition their business and athletes online. “We set up our kiosk, sent our coaches the training videos, and notified our members,” said Cotler.  “I don’t think there was a single billing hiccup.”

Of all that Wodify Core does to benefit CrossFit Dynamix, Monthly Reporting is its most crucial feature, helping him to accurately analyze class popularity, attendance and multiple revenue streams like merchandise and personal training.

Get Wodify Core and grow your gym 140% this year.

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