Up your gym's group training with heart rate tracking

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What is
Wodify Pulse?

Wodify Pulse is a group heart rate training experience for gyms and their members. 

It displays your members’ heart rates in real time leveraging Myzone technology and the Wodify Core Kiosk.

Fitness is
going digital

Wodify Pulse combines technology with group motivation to transform how members challenge themselves.
Take the gym experience further

Results. Amplified.

Introducing Wodify Pulse at your gym will help you grow.

member retention

Instant feedback inspires members to set and reach their fitness goals day after day.

Build an engaged community

Members of all ability levels can compete together to see immediate positive results.

extra revenue

Expand your retail line with Myzone belts and bring in an additional revenue stream.

Reap the rewards today

A powerful marketing toolkit

Use our marketing toolbox to promote Wodify Pulse, drive adoption and make your revenue grow.

Everything you need in one box

The Wodify Pulse starter pack includes:
One MYZONE®  receiver
One Myzone receiver
& power cord
One Intel  stick PC
One Myzone
stick PC
One remote keyboard
remote keyboard
Two MYZONE® MZ-3 exercise belts
Two MZ-3
exercise belts
Two MYZONE® MZ-1 exercise belts
Two MZ-1
exercise belts
One Myzone receiver
& power cord
One Intel 
stick PC
remote keyboard
Two MZ-3
exercise belts
Two MZ-1
exercise belts
Get started today

Get started
with Wodify Pulse


Connect Myzone

hardware to the Wodify Core Kiosk


Register Myzone

exercise belts to activate devices


Watch revenue grow 

along with your members’ excitement

Amazing technology doesn’t need to be complicated

Software that pays for itself

Per month
“We haven’t lost one member that had a heart rate monitor”
Daniel Davidson, CrossFit Main Line

What our customers say about us

“We haven't lost one member that had a heart rate monitor.”
Daniel Davidson
CrossFit Main Line
“We love being able to see our live data up on the screen when we are training. It allows us to see when we can push ourselves harder and when to pace better.”
Coaches John & James 
JH CrossFit
“Wodify Pulse heart rate monitoring system gives you real-time analysis of your workouts and helps you get the most out of every second you’re active.”
Forrest Rollins
Fourth Street CrossFit
“I love that it pushes me on every workout 💪🏾 when I see the percentage going down it motivates me to go harder.”
Core X Fitness