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Crispim BJJ, led by Michele de Almeida and Alexander "Crispim" Crispim, faced the challenge of integrating digital technology into their traditional Jiu-Jitsu training, particularly for their kids’ classes. The Digital Student Experience by Wodify offered an innovative way to enhance in-class learning through digital tools like video demonstrations and interactive learning aids. The goal was to modernize the teaching approach and improve students' understanding of techniques. However, this transition required careful implementation to ensure that it resonated with both the young students and their parents. Michele and Crispim also saw this technology as a potential differentiator from other Jiu-Jitsu academies in the area. They had previously explored using videos in classes and understood the value they could bring, particularly in demonstrating complex Jiu-Jitsu maneuvers and techniques in a more digestible format for children.


To address these challenges, Crispim BJJ fully embraced Wodify’s Digital Student Experience. This technology was not just about introducing digital tools into the academy; it was about creating an engaging and interactive learning environment. Michele and Crispim focused on integrating the platform in a way that was beneficial for the kids’ classes, making the learning process more visual and interactive. They utilized video demonstrations during classes, which allowed students to see techniques in action and understand them better. Michele highlighted the advantage of this integration, “It provides us with a competitive advantage.” This innovative approach aimed to make Jiu-Jitsu more accessible and engaging for children, while also offering a unique selling point that set Crispim BJJ apart from other local academies.


The implementation of Wodify’s Digital Student Experience was transformative for Crispim BJJ. Students in the kids' classes adapted well to the digital learning tools, with videos significantly enhancing their understanding of Jiu-Jitsu techniques. Parents noticed and appreciated this innovative approach, as it offered greater visibility into their children’s training. Michele shared the positive feedback from parents: “They’ve given us a big ‘thank you’ for implementing the looping videos. The parents can watch it and compare the video to how their kids do.”

One particularly touching example shared by Crispim and Michele involved a student with learning disabilities. “We had a young student who was struggling to keep up in class due to his learning challenges. When we introduced the Digital Student Experience, he could watch and rewatch the techniques at his own pace. It was a turning point for him, as he felt more empowered and engaged. His enthusiasm for continuing Jiu-Jitsu grew immensely.” This anecdote highlights how the Digital Student Experience  not only improved the learning process but also fostered a sense of confidence and inclusion among students with diverse learning needs.

The use of Wodify’s technology at Crispim BJJ has deepened the educational experience and enhanced parental involvement in the martial arts education of their children.

“The Digital Student Experience has been an awesome addition to our academy. It has not only improved how we teach but also how our students learn. It’s fascinating to see the kids so captivated by the videos and then applying what they see on the mats. This technology has enhanced the learning experience for everyone involved, and sets us apart from other academies.”

Michele de Almeida and Alexander Crispim

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