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Key Business Need Heart Rate Training


Owner Daniel Davidson was looking for more. He knew his programming was working because he had fostered a dedicated community of fitness fanatics who were tracking their progress with Wodify Perform and improving over time. However, he knew if he could provide them with real-time data about their workout intensity, he could add even more value to their membership, reduce his churn rate, and attract and retain new members simultaneously.


Enter Wodify Pulse powered by Myzone, a group heart rate training experience for gyms and their members. A glance at the Wodify Coachboard gives CFML members instant access to their performance and heart rate data, tracked through Myzone fitness belts. And a summary email with stats like calories burned and average heart rate, when combined with their Perform data, offers proof that they’re progressing toward their fitness goals.

“It’s been an awesome experience,” says Davidson. “Heart rate training has become the next stage in adult group fitness and is really catching on in the CrossFit environment.”


As a retention and revenue-earning tool, Wodify Pulse continues to provide valuable returns to CFML. While a few turned in their belts after a trial period, those athletes still return to CFML day after day. “We haven’t lost one member who had a heart rate monitor. It has helped reduce our churn rate because it gives members a deliverable at the end of each day they train with us. In fact, it can increase the number of times they train per week. They’ll bump their up membership tier from two or three times a week to Unlimited, so they’re getting results faster, they’re happier, and their lifetime value goes up.”

“We haven’t lost one member who had a heart rate monitor. I would definitely recommend it to other CrossFit gyms.”  

Daniel Davidson

CrossFit Main Line


With almost 100 active belts combined at his two gyms, Davidson has seen a high rate of adoption to the Wodify Pulse experience. In fact, revenue and class attendance have grown 13% and 16% respectively, compared to the four months prior to adding heart rate training. He now issues Myzone belts as part of the onboarding process, so new athletes understand it’s a feature of their membership and an important part of their training.

“We charge a monthly fee to pay for the Pulse subscription fee, which we cover well and above, so it’s definitely been an additional revenue stream,” said Davidson. “I would definitely recommend it to other CrossFit gyms and to follow the suggestions that Wodify and Myzone give you to implement it into your facility.”  

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