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Switched from Mindbody Online

Key Business Need Mananing Growth

CrossFit Rife’s experiences with Mindbody Online’s customer service were disappointing. According to owner Jason Fernandez, every call provided a short-term solution, but would eventually necessitate a call-back. “The software was so robust, I had to be on the phone with them once a week to figure out how the system worked. It wasn’t built for a CrossFit gym.” Staying on top of financial transactions and attendance also proved frustrating. “The reason I had so much trouble with Mindbody Online was because their Dashboard was never accurate.”

Fernandez needed a platform solution that didn’t require hours of troubleshooting or customer service calls. “When I started looking for new software, I was looking for something built for a CrossFit gym and super easy to use. Wodify was perfect for me.” He adds, “It takes all of five minutes for someone to figure it out. If I can’t teach it to a 20-year-old, I’m done. With Wodify, everything I want is on the same system.”

With Wodify’s Insights and Dashboard, CrossFit Rife is now better equipped to monitor trends and membership at the gym, without having to deal with customer service. “When I look at Wodify, I can see successful and failed transactions and where my revenue is shifting.”

Attendance accuracy has gone way up because our members are so interested in posting their scores.

Jason Fernandez

CrossFit Rife Co-Owner

For Fernandez, the proof is in the numbers. “We made the transition to Wodify and grew 100% in 2016. We’ve since added a second location and have grown another 50% in 2018.” He also said that he could not live without the financial reports and the Dashboard because they are integral to running his business. The simplicity of Wodify has also had a positive on membership, which in turn benefits the gym. “Attendance accuracy has gone way up because of the fact that our members are so interested in posting their scores.”

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