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Wodify Core, Automated Billing.
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Key Business Need Automated Billing

Underground Strength Gym owner Zach Even-Esh was fed up with his gym’s mounting paperwork, outdated technology and inconsistent bill collecting system. Unless he could find a program that organized payments, class scheduling, and member correspondence more efficiently, he’d be forced to close one of his two locations.

Things immediately turned around when Even-Esh rolled out Wodify Core. Centralized, automated billing and payment systems helped Even-Esh save at least $10,000 per year. “As soon as I implemented Wodify, my revenue doubled,” he says. Wodify's Customer Retention Platform (CRP) has a suite of features also changed the dynamic between his coaches and athletes for the better. Now that payments are automated through Wodify Core, he and his coaches can spend more time turning his athletes into champions. Even-Esh recognized his needs and sought a tool that could provide turnkey financial management. “I’m a coach and trainer, not a business guy,” he says. “My finances were a guessing game before Wodify Core.”

“As soon as I implemented Wodify, my revenue doubled.” 

Zach Even-Esh

The Underground Strength Gym Owner


Managing multiple locations used to be a headache for Even-Esh, but now it’s easier than ever. He has total insight into member attendance, and his coaches can easily access and execute workouts, even if he’s not in the gym. These improvements have increased his retention rates by 30%. Today, Even-Esh recognizes the role that Wodify has played in his business’ success. “I would have closed my second location if it wasn’t for Wodify Core,” he says.

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