Track and manage your performance to make informed business decisions

Access real-time performance data, including attendance data, revenue metrics and retention alerts. 

Know how your business is doing

Identify trends and patterns in business performance to optimize your marketing strategy, improve customer retention, and drive revenue growth.
  • Advanced reporting on key performance metrics
  • Customizable reports that highlight areas for improvement
  • Use revenue data to identify the most profitable classes or services

Identify at-risk clients and take action before it's too late

Prevent customer churn and increase revenue by reaching out at just the right moment.
  • Predict which clients are likely to cancel their membership
  • Take appropriate measures in a timely manner
  • Best practices for staff to take action and provide a great client experience

Seeing is believing

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“Monthly Reporting is our most crucial feature, helping us to accurately analyze class popularity, attendance and multiple revenue streams like merchandise and personal training.”
Justin Cotler
CrossFit Dynamix
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