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Key Business Need Competition Organization

In July, 2017, Process Crossfit held their inaugural “Dawn Patrol Sunset Crew Throwdown” competition using Wodify Arena competition-planning software. Owner and Head Coach Daniel Murdock was pleased with how everything turned out and how Wodify Arena made the whole process seamless and fun. Because he organized the competition while simultaneously running his full-time business, he was appreciative of how the software’s step-by-step layout saved him time and trouble.

Although he had never run a CrossFit competition before, Murdock knew that keeping athletes and spectators energized and motivated throughout the day was key. In attending CrossFit competitions at other boxes, Murdock routinely noticed how their software and scoring systems slowed things down and interrupted the flow of events. He was in search of a solution that would guarantee his first in-house competition moved at a good pace, stayed organized, and was fun for all of the participants.

Wodify Arena was designed to make the process of setting up and running a competition easy for both the organizer and the participants. “As the person putting together the events, I really appreciate how Arena walks you through the process of setting up heats and organizing the day,” said Murdock. “As a box owner with much more than competitions on my mind, the Arena experience made programming and setup a breeze.”

As a box owner with much more than competitions on my mind, the Arena experience made programming and setup a breeze. 

Daniel Murdock 

Process CrossFit

Murdock is always happy to show his members just how much he appreciates them, and hosting a well-run competition is one such example. With features like the Live Leaderboard, Automatic Schedule Generator and the Smart StartTM lane assignment tool, his athletes were able to move from one heat to the next without any delays or issues. On the administrative side, important features like digital waiver collection, registration and ticketing were also problem-free. “Arena saved me a lot of time in not having to worry about making sure all of the key components were in place for a fun experience.” Perhaps the strongest proof that Murdock’s competition was successful was in the amount of participants telling him how much they’re looking forward to his next event.

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