About the campaign

This campaign is to give back to your community. In turn you may just get new leads in the door and honor your members as well. As the holidays fast approach, there’s a heightened spirit of gratitude and generosity. Why not embrace it?
Create an event to give back to your local community 
For this Give Back campaign, organize your campaign around an event and let people know clearly how their donation money will be dispersed. Some ideas could include:
Volunteer for an Event or Organization. There are tons of fitness-related organizations that would love for you to donate your time and talents.
Donate Your Old Running Shoes. Depending on the organization you choose, your old shoes could go to kids in developing countries or be used to make track and playground surfaces.
Sponsor Free Monthly Seminars. If you’re a gym owner, sponsor free monthly seminars for members and non-members alike. You can host monthly talks on topics ranging from nutrition to mindfulness that are open to the community. Everyone benefits from having healthy citizens, even if they aren’t your clients.
Create an Event. With social media and PayPal/Venmo, it is easy to raise money for a cause you believe in. 
Custom Graphics
When you view this month’s campaign you’ll have access to FREE Canva templates to customize your graphics and social media posts.
Wodify Rise is a free all-in-one platform that can help you create your challenge.

Let us handle the heavy lifting

In the Give Back Campaign campaign package you’ll find everything you need to execute on a professional, successful marketing campaign:
Social Media Assets
Email Language and Assets
Graphics Package
Offer suggestions and best practices
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