About the campaign

A good marketing campaign shouldn’t feel like marketing at all. It should be a natural overflow of your exceptional customer service. 

But sometimes we get too busy to highlight great customer service. This month’s campaign is all about making Customer Appreciation fun and effective for growing your business.
Have some fun
Included in this month’s campaign:
13 fun ideas to engage your loyal customers
A bingo game
A month of social media posts to highlight your customers 
Custom Graphics
When you view this month’s campaign you’ll have access to FREE Canva templates to customize your graphics and social media posts.
Wodify Rise is a free all-in-one platform that can help you create your challenge.

Let us handle the heavy lifting

In the Member Appreciation campaign package you’ll find everything you need to execute on a professional, successful marketing campaign:
Social Media Assets
Email Language and Assets
Graphics Package
Offer suggestions and best practices
Switching software is easier than you think

A Bonus for Wodify Sites Subscribers

For those of you with a Wodify Site, it gets better...
Sitting in your Dashboard we’ve already built:
A Re-Direct Page for tracking conversions
Customizable Social Media Graphics
Paid ads course
Follow Up Emails and Social Media Captions
Live support to help you set up your offer and campaign
Not already optimizing your digital presence with a Wodify site?