About the campaign

Your members are HUGE fans of your business. They likely rave about how fun and welcoming your gym is to anyone who will listen. So why don’t they refer those friends and family to your business?!?!
You probably haven’t asked...
Your members want to see you succeed. They probably just don’t know how to help. With occupancy limits and vaccinations on the up-swing and summer right around the corner now is the perfect time to recruit your members to help you out. Be honest. Let them know it’s been a tough year for brick-and-mortar businesses. And ask them to help you rebuild.
Structure your offer
We recommend that you dedicate an entire week where members can bring as many friends to as many classes as they’d like. Adjust your programming & class structure to make it approachable for all levels. It will be important to create an urgent offer for visitors to entice them to sign up once they’ve attended a class or two.
Here are some examples:
Cash money! That’s right. Give a $50 bill to a referring member if their friend signs up.
50/50: New members get 50% off their first month & referring members also get 50% off.
T-shirts. Everyone loves a free tee. Create a special run of shirts that can only be “bought” by referring a new member.
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Let us handle the heavy lifting

In the Community Week / Bring-a-Friend campaign package you’ll find everything you need to execute on a professional, successful marketing campaign:
Social Media Assets
Email Language and Assets
Graphics Package
Offer suggestions and best practices
Switching software is easier than you think

A Bonus for Wodify Sites Subscribers

For those of you with a Wodify Site, it gets better...
Sitting in your Dashboard we’ve already built:
Community Week Landing Page
Automatic redirect to track conversions
Follow Up Emails and Social Media Captions
Live support to help you set up your offer and campaign
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