About the campaign

This campaign is for your existing clients. The goal is to build a habit of showing up more consistently knowing they will get better results and in turn become more excited to be in your gym.
What’s more exciting than a full gym with full classes? Sometimes we believe that word-of-mouth marketing will “just happen on its own.” While your most loyal customers will tell all their friends, other members may need a little extra push. Help them get involved and get results they’ll brag about to everyone they know.
Structure your challenge
We created this challenge based solely on attendance. First off, it’s really easy to track. Secondly, it has the greatest impact on retention. If members attend, they tend to stick around.
If you want to make the challenge more complex — go for it! You can include water, nutrition, or sleep for example. But we think you’ll find attendance is a great launching off point.
Create some fun prizes and drawings for members who reach their goals!
Here are some examples:
Enter into a drawing for a free month’s membership
Wodify Rise is a free all-in-one platform that can help you create your challenge.

Let us handle the heavy lifting

In the 30 Day Mindset Challenge campaign package you’ll find everything you need to execute on a professional, successful marketing campaign:
Social Media Assets
Email Language and Assets
Graphics Package
Offer suggestions and best practices
Switching software is easier than you think

A Bonus for Wodify Sites Subscribers

For those of you with a Wodify Site, it gets better...
Sitting in your Dashboard we’ve already built:
Paid ads course
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