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Summer Slimdown

Launch instructions:

  • Download the creative assets we've designed for you 
  • Create your offer 
  • Add Landing pages to site
  • Upload email template to the email or text message service of your choice
  • Make it easy for people to sign up
  • Hit share and send! 

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Summer's right around the corner. Are you ready? [ Share offer ]

Make this your fittest Summer ever! [ Share offer ]

Tired of how you look and feel? [ Share offer ]

Email Template

Post Date: When you launch campaign


Summer's right around the corner. Are you ready?

Your fittest Summer ever. Are you in?

Want a Clear Plan to Lose Those Frustrating Pounds?


Hi there,

[your name] here from [gym name].

What if when summer came around, you weren't afraid to shed some clothes at the pool or the beach? Even if you don't like the water, feeling confident that you could if you wanted to will make your summer that much better.

This is why we created the Summer Slimdown. Everything you need to lose those frustrating pounds and inches. And right in time before the Summer.


This offer is limited to [number] of people. And once it’s gone it won’t come around until this time next year.

If you’re ready to see and feel the results you’ve always wanted, [Call to Action].

To your health.

[Gym Owner]