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Email Template

These email templates can be used as an email campaign automation with your own CRM. Once the leads fill out the form, they should receive these emails on the days recommended. If you aren't using a CRM, then make sure you follow up with each lead manually.

C2F Welcome - Day 1

SUBJECT: You Are Ahhhmazing (Yes, Really!)


Just want to touch base and congratulate you on moving fitness forward in your life. Every journey begins with a single step and you’re already taking strides, which is awesome.

We want to be part of your journey, a journey of a lifetime of being healthy and happy.

Starting something new can be intimidating. We got your back. Please reach out if you have any questions. We're standing by to help.

Below you'll see a link to access your Couch to Fit PDF. I recommend you bookmark the link on your mobile device because there are helpful links all throughout.


[Your name goes here]


C2F #2 - Day 2

SUBJECT: Time For You

What would you do with an hour a day to lead a healthier, fitter, happier life?

For some, time seems to be flying by faster and faster, with less emphasis on nourishing ourselves. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You can raise the bar with just an hour a day.

60 minutes of working up a good sweat, learning new fitness skills, getting direct feedback on how to improve, having a lot of fun, and being part of a community that will support, cheer, and celebrate with you.

Here we see people push themselves to new levels, make great friends, did we mention sweating? (ha!), laugh a lot, and feel better, happier and more fulfilled. In just an hour.

So give yourself an hour a day and we promise to make it the best hour. Every day, every week, every year. We are committed to you!

A little note: As simple as it sounds, finding a few hours a week can be tough. If you're having a hard time finding the time, perhaps we can help? If you'd like to swing by to chat with one of our professional coaches, we'd love to learn more about you. Just CLICK HERE to schedule a time.


C2F #3 - Day 3

SUBJECT: "I used to be depressed and obese..."

An objection I hear from everybody is "I could never do that... I'm too [old, fat, busy, tired, out-of-shape...]"

I'm not here to change your mind. I'll just introduce you to a few folks that are probably around your same age and ability level. They're doing it. And they once felt they couldn't. You can ... maybe you just don't believe it yet.

We believe fitness is for everyone -- of every age, ability, and personal drive. It’s easy to read that, but even better to hear from our athletes who live it every day, every week, every year.

[Add 2-3 short testimonials here]

We are proud to have such passionate, positive, caring, honest and driven members. Our athletes define us, help drive the mission, and set us apart.


[Your name goes here]


C2F #4 - Day 4

SUBJECT: Yes, You Can!

“There is no way I can do that. It’s too expensive. I can’t lift all that weight. It’s too intimidating. I’ll get hurt.”

The above are all easy “outs” for not starting. And, it usually has more to do with starting something new than the thing itself.

So, what would you call an investment that is available to all, a proven career-booster, and saves hundreds of thousands of dollars over a lifetime?

We call it good health.

According to the American Journal of Medicine, more than one-third (34.9% or 78.9 million) of U.S. adults are obese.

Staying out of this statistic is 100% achievable.

Investing in your health, like investing money for retirement, can pay dividends in the future.

Whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or the CEO of your family, the extent to which you do everything reasonable to protect yourself against illness and disability is unquestionably one of the most important financial -- yes financial -- investments you can make during your lifetime.

We focus on these major domains: stamina, strength, coordination, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, accuracy, and endurance. This is achieved by promoting neurological and hormonal adaptations across all of the metabolic pathways of the body. In short, the vast variety of movements leads to a complete transformation of your personal quality of life.

You will find that being surrounded by people invested in health and fitness that it is hard to resist giving into some new lifestyle changes. Before you know it, you will be trading your pre-packaged snacks for something whole and real. It’s true!

Good health is your most important investment. Best of all, you can start today and you’re never too old to take advantage of the opportunity.


[Your name goes here]

A little note: As simple as it sounds, finding a few hours a week can be tough. If you're having a hard time finding the time, perhaps we can help? If you'd like to swing by to chat with one of our professional coaches, we'd love to learn more about you. Just CLICK HERE to schedule a time.


C2F #5. - Day 5

SUBJECT: Your Adventure Begins

Whether it’s Captain America, Wonder Woman, or Thor -- they cannot save the world by themselves. Everybody needs help in some form or fashion. Which is why sidekicks and mentors play such huge roles in movies and in in life.

So are you ready? Are you excited? We are! It’s time to start the adventure and tell your story.

Let’s get a visit scheduled -- there is truly no time like the present. Just CLICK HERE to schedule a time. Or just hit "reply" if you have any questions!

Looking forward to connecting, getting to know you better and helping you feel your best!


[Your name goes here]


C2F #6 - Day 6

SUBJECT: If you're on the fence, here's an offer

How's the Couch-to-Fit program going?

If you're like me, it's easy to get excited about something but consistency is tough. I struggled with it for years.

If you're interested in learning more about how a custom plan can help you succeed, we'd love to chat! Schedule a time to swing by and meet with a coach by using the following link: [Add your get started link here]


[Your name goes here]

P.S. - as a thank you, I'd like to offer you a $91 discount off your introductory sessions. Just reply back to this email letting us know you’re interested.


C2F #7 - Day 10

SUBJECT: Tell me if this sounds familiar...

The holidays come around and so do the parties. Drinks, snacks, family, and… stress.

Then, it’s a New Year. This is your year; the year that you make all those changes you’ve been meaning to make all those previous New Years.

But then February rolls around and, well, you know…

If this sounds like you don’t worry - you’re in good company. For years, I was in the same boat. Hoping for a change, failing, and then beating myself up.

I realized that I was constantly struggling to make the change I wanted because what I was chasing wasn’t what I wanted. I realized that everyone was telling me what my goal should be!

Magazines, Instagram models, and all the super-fit people in spin class all clouded my goal: to feel better, have more energy, and to accomplish something that makes me proud.

So we did something radical: we started to listen. Crazy, right?!?! But, unfortunately, there's not a lot of listening going on in fitness.

Our goal is to help you discover your goal. This isn’t through some cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. You have unique priorities, goals, and history. Our team of coaches, nutritionists, and productivity experts can help guide you toward achieving your goals.


[Your name goes here]

P.S. If you are ready to start discovering your "why" - schedule a free sit down with one of our lead coaches using the following link: Schedule 1-on-1 - No working out, no sales, no awkward gym tours. Just listening.


C2F #8 - Day 20

SUBJECT: 1 week left on your discount

Hey there!

Just wanted to drop you a reminder that your coupon for intro programs will expire in a week.

I'm so confident that our team can help you -- wherever you're at -- that I'll offer you a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your first 10 sessions.

Do you have any questions? Nervous about getting started?

If so, let's schedule a time to chat. You can schedule that time here >

[Your name goes here]


C2F #9 Final - Day 30

SUBJECT: 24 hours to go...

Hey there!

Your introductory offer will expire in 24 hours. Whether or not you're ready to make a change today, you can schedule a time to come in and redeem your coupon for a future start time.

If you want to take that first step, let's schedule a time to chat. You can schedule that time here >

[Your name goes here]