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Community Week / Bring-a-Friend

Launch instructions:

  • Download the creative assets we've designed for you 
  • Create your offer 
  • Add Landing pages to site
  • Upload email template to the email or text message service of your choice
  • Make it easy for people to sign up
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Email Template

Post Date: When you launch campaign


SUBJECT LINE: [Gym Name] Presents: Community Week

Hi there,

We are pleased to invite you to our upcoming Community Week from [Date] to [Date]. This event is open to everyone [18] and older who lives in [city]. You don’t need to be a member to attend!

During Community Week, members are encouraged to bring friends, family, co-workers, and loved ones to try out the gym for free to see what all the fun is about!

Be sure to reserve your spot today.

Register here > [Link to Register]

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

To your health.

[Gym Owner]


SUBJECT LINE: Community Week – 3 Days Until Kickoff!

Once a year we open our doors to all of [CITY] to try [GYM] free for a week. If you are a member, now’s your chance to bring a friend or co-worker to check out your stomping grounds!

Community Week is designed for people brand new to [workout type] and will be instructed by our top-notch coaches here at [GYM]

It’s going to be a great week! Don’t miss out. Register below to let us know you will be joining in on the fun.

Register here > [Link to Register]

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

To your health.

[Gym Owner]


SUBJECT LINE: Thanks for attending Community Week!

We wanted to send you a quick thank-you for attending our annual Community Week. Hopefully, you got a good idea of what we’re all about - fun, community, and fitness.

We would love to have you join us for our regular classes. We are all about fostering a sense of community at our gym and think you would fit in perfectly.

As a thank you for attending our Community Week, we’re a special deal for Community Week attendees through the end of [MONTH].

[ADD OFFER HERE: If you schedule your intro before , we’ll offer $___ off your On-Ramp or first package of Private Coaching Sessions.]

We’ll only offer this to the first [6] people to respond, so be sure to schedule today.

If you have any questions at all, please let us know.

Again, thanks for joining us last week!

To your health.

[Gym Owner]