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Look Better / Feel Better in 2021

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Post Date: On or After 12/20

Caption Options:

2020 may have kicked our butts, but I’m certain you aren’t going to let 2021 be more of the same. The best place to start is with YOU. [ YOUR BUSINESS NAME ] can help get you there.

Start the next year off right by building some good habits with support and accountability.

Make our gym part of your daily routine this new year. [ YOUR BUSINESS NAME ]

Stop procrastinating. You’ve got the best intentions, but then the day gets away from you. What you need is a workout defined for you, coaching support along the way, and some accountability peers. Join [ YOUR BUSINESS NAME ]

Email Template

Post Date: On or After 12/20

Subject Line Options:

Alright! Enough of 2020 already

Take back your fitness

Regain your Confidence

Look Better and Feel Better in 2021


We know this year has kicked a lot of our butts.

So much uncertainty. So much that can’t be controlled. There is one thing you can own though: YOUR HEALTH.

Looking better and feeling better are directly tied to your health and fitness. With a new year, let’s do this. We will provide the right coaching, support and accountability you need to achieve your goals faster than you realize.

With all this craziness in the world, let’s make sure you are as healthy as possible.


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To your health.

[Gym Owner]