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What is
Wodify Live?

Wodify Live is the affordable event planning solution for your gym.

Our step-by-step process handles everything including registration, tickets, waivers and payments.

Host amazing events

Nutrition, training
and skill seminars
Belt testing and
level promotions
Fitness and CPR
certification courses
Open houses, summer camps and fundraisers
Enter the Live community connecting people through their passions

A Win-Win

Organizing and hosting events at your gym has been proven to build community, boost revenue, and increase awareness of your gym.
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Add information like location, dates, photos, sponsorship details and more so people know what’s happening.



Reach your audience with targeted emails, promo codes, hashtags and a custom URL for your event.



Set prices, collect payments and waivers, and pass along any fees to participants so you pay nothing.

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Organizers of all free events
can use Wodify Live for free.

Pay Nothing!

For paid events, pass along fees (plus 3% credit card fees and taxes) to participants so you pay nothing.
$0.99 / participant

What our customers say about us

“I don’t have to worry about taking payments when athletes are walking through the door. It’s all taken care of beforehand.”
Richard Andrews
BayWay CrossFit
“Wodify Live easy to use, familiar, easy to figure out and sign up for the event.”
Richard Andrews
BayWay CrossFit