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Post Date: On or After Feb 5, 2021


One month in. Are you sticking to your New Year fitness goals? If not, [ Share offer ]

Working with a personal trainer creates fast momentum to achieve your goals & enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life – one day a time. [ Share offer ]

Did your new year not start off as you wanted? A personal trainer can get you back on track. [ Share offer ]

Email Template

Post Date: On or After Feb 5, 2021

Subject Line Options:

Could you use some accountability?

What if we could guarantee the results you want?

Some tips for keeping your New Year’s Resolution

Make 2021 the year you prioritize your health

Email Body:

Hi there,

[your name] here from [gym name].

I started [gym name] because I care about helping people like you look and feel your best.

Imagine gaining back some confidence and energy.

With the accountability and attention you get with Personal Training, we guarantee that you will feel your best in 2021.

Now through the end of February we’re helping you get back on track with your 2021 goals.


This offer is limited to [number] of people. And once it’s gone it won’t come around until this time next year.

If you’re ready to see and feel the results you’ve always wanted, [Call to Action].

To your health.

[Gym Owner]