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Built for CrossFit… and still building

Founded in 2012, Wodify has been built by and based on CrossFit affiliate owners, coaches, and athletes who understand the unique challenges of running a gym. 

Our commitment to innovation sets us apart. We're constantly working to improve our software and add new features that will help you grow your business based on real feedback we get from affiliate owners like you. 

"We want both you and your athletes to be happy, so we have an exclusive offer just for you."

We saved the best offer for the community that helped make Wodify what it is today. Thank you CrossFit community.
For affiliates upgrading their CRM to our Customer Retention Platform (CRP):


55% off the first 3 months


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Wodify Perform

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For existing Wodify customers:

Upgrading to Grow

55% off 3 months

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See why owners, coaches, and clients all choose Wodify Core

Use AI to predict athlete churn

Wodify Retain is the fitness industry’s first AI tool that predicts when your clients are at risk of leaving your business.

Create the best in-class experience for your members

Wodify Kiosk+ now gives your clients a premium in-class experience with a digital multi-column display to have on TV screens during class. Kiosk+ gives you the ability to display WODs, looping instructional videos, athlete heart rates, and more.

Manage your clients with ease

Set up recurring billing, create custom membership plans, and track attendance.

Communicate the way you want

Chat with your athletes via chat within the Wodify App, email, or SMS. Choose what’s easiest for you so you can focus on what really matters - helping your clients achieve their fitness goals.

Simple class scheduling

Create and publish your schedule in just a few clicks, and your clients can sign up for classes online. Track attendance and manage waitlists.

Custom reports built for you

Track the data you need for your business with Wodify Custom Reporting

Integrated Martial Arts Programming

Empower your coaches and members to safely and effectively train martial arts at any experience or fitness level through group classes with solo & partner drills and conditioning workouts.

Build your WODs with ease.

With our new Workout Builder experience, you can easily drag & drop your components into the workout calendar.

Enhance your athlete experience with video

Add instructional videos to your workouts, so your clients can watch instructional videos from the Wodify Mobile App before class and glance at looping videos on the screen during class.

Track your athlete’s progress over time.

Allow your clients to log their workouts and track their progress, so your members can see how they're improving over time.

We’re not just a software company, and we’re not just fitness enthusiasts. We’re innovators.

We’re proud to be a member of the CrossFit Affiliate Partner Network. This means that we're committed to helping CrossFit affiliates grow and thrive, and we believe that our CRP is an essential tool for achieving that goal.

Join the thousands of CrossFit affiliates around the world who trust Wodify to help manage and grow their businesses.