The best all-in-one software for box owners and their athletes.

Wodify is the leader in performance tracking software with over million results logged. We average 100,000 performance results a day across more than 3,700 affiliates worldwide.

performances logged and counting...

Built for you, the box owner.

Wodify software is based in the cloud, so you and your athletes can access it from anywhere. That means your athletes can track their performance and sign into class on the go, and you can manage billing, run reports, and program WODs from home, the office, or the box on any device. With online membership sales, point of sale, and payroll, we're here to help you run your business better.

Membership Management

Manage athletes' memberships and automatically bill them, leaving you more time to tend to other aspects of your business.

Retail Point-of-Sale

Sell gear through the point of sale interface right in your box, without the hassle of dealing with cash or counting inventory.

Detailed Reporting

Run detailed reports to compare revenue and budgets, giving you true insight into how your business is doing.

"I can't imagine using three different pieces of software when one does it all."

- Rich Froning Jr. Owner, CrossFit Mayhem
4-Time CrossFit Games Champion (2011-2014)

Built for your coaches.

With our trademark two-screen kiosk hanging in your box, coaches are able to reference the day's WOD, help athletes sign into class, collect payment from drop-ins, and see who has signed their waiver.

Two-Screen Kiosk

Help athletes improve their performance by providing immediate access to their weightlifting history at the two-screen kiosk.

Enhanced Coaching

Get to know members through their Wodify profiles, ensuring a more personalized athlete experience.

Community Building

Share announcements displayed on the Wodify screens at the beginning of each class to build community at the box.

More than THREE MILLION results are logged in Wodify each month from over 3,700 affiliates worldwide.

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Oh, and let's not forget about your athletes.

Wodify not only helps you run your back office and coach more effectively, we also built it with the athlete in mind.

That's because it's built by athletes.


View the class schedule, register and sign into classes, and check out the day’s WOD -- all from their desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Track Performance

Track their results, see how they rank against other athletes from the day, and see their progress over time from our digital whiteboard.

Nutrition Journal

Log their nutrition and water intake in their online journal and request a peer or coach review to get feedback and advice for optimal performance.

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