One company.
Forging a high-tech
fitness culture.

One vision.
Transforming the business of fitness.

Wodify is the cutting edge of gym management software and we never stop innovating. Our mission is to transform the business of fitness by empowering owners and athletes with software experiences that are beautifully simple. Our all-in-one solution provides powerful gym management and athlete tracking tools, improving the way people and companies run their businesses, and as a result their lives. We are driven by a wish to do something that has never been done before.

One journey. Driven by results.


It all started in 2011

When our founder fell in love with CrossFit.

Identified a Need

When we noticed a hole in the market for performance tracking.

Launched Wodify

In May 2012 during Regionals.

The market reacted

We turned the CrossFit market on it's head.

Forged strategic partnerships

With key players in the industry: Rich Froning, Graham Holmberg, Christmas Abbott, Scott Panchik.

Quickly met demand

For built in gym management tools.

Experienced explosive growth

Developed dozens of business enhancing features and expanded from just over 500 gyms in early 2013 to over 2700 in 2015.

Opened a new office

In Lisbon, Portugal, with a team of designers and developers.

Working on innovative new features

Including a new athlete and coaches app, competition software, personal training and a global social experience for athletes.

One team.
United by fitness and technology.

Wodify is 100% bootstrapped and profitable. With offices in the US, England, and Portugal we have built a team of passionate professionals, working in a world class environment. We've got them all here: crafty creatives, diligent developers, and neurotic number crunchers. People whose experience and insight inspire us to be the company and leaders we are today.

Arman Ghosh
Francisco Contel
Product Design
Ameet Shah
Founder & CEO
Pedro Girão
Country Manager
Pedro Morgado
Creative Director
Nicole Fasolino
VP Operations

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