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Zapier connects Wodify Core to dozens of apps and puts the power of task automation in your hands. Use this integration to manage your favorite apps from one place, build workflows and focus on your most important tasks.

Every workflow is called a “Zap.” They link Wodify Core to other web tools that are available in the Zapier App Directory and make automation possible. They consist of one Trigger —  the event that initiates the Zap — and at least one Action, or the task the Zap performs.

Our Zapier integration supports four Triggers and six Actions, each focused on lead and customer management. They provide a foundation for hundreds of Zaps that change the game in terms of how you get your work done. Click here to see Wodify’s Triggers, Actions and recommended Zaps!

Connect Wodify Core to more than 1,000 apps to build automations, save time and increase productivity.
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