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We are proud of our customers and are always looking for good examples when promoting Wodify Pulse.


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"Introducing Wodify Pulse

You probably know your one rep max clean and jerk like you know your birth date. But how many calories did you burn achieving that goal?

With Wodify Pulse and the Myzone straps, all of the calories you burn doing pushups, pullups and throwing punches get counted. That’s because Wodify Pulse tracks heart rate intensity to give you real-time feedback during exercise. Make the most of your time in the gym and get credit for all your hard work.

Get Wodify Pulse, powered by Myzone.

Ask a coach for more details on getting started.

Accomplish more.

Fact: Gym members who track their heart rate during workouts consistently exert 25% more effort than those who don’t.

If you’re looking to get more from your workout, Wodify Pulse, powered by Myzone, is the answer. Wodify Pulse measures how hard your heart is working during exercise, so you can visually monitor your effort and achieve the results you want.

Wodify Pulse is a group heart rate training experience that allows members to track their progress, adjust their intensity, and compete with others to see who’s working the hardest.

Ask a coach for more details on getting started."

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