Wodify Retain

Predict & Prevent Client Churn

The fitness industry’s first machine learning tool
Wodify Retain identifies at-risk clients and helps you take action before it's too late. Using millions of data points across thousands of businesses, Retain’s algorithm predicts which of your clients are likely to cancel their membership and surfaces information, so you can prevent churn and increase your revenue.
Best Practices & Examples

Get Prepared to Take Action

We’re not only bringing you data but also business processes. Wodify provides the metrics and the business best practices for your staff to take action and provide the best client experience.

Retention is the foundation of a successful business

Remote Gym

Client Results

Motivate clients by reaching out at the right time to get them back in class and on track to reach their next goals
1-on-1 support

Business Health

Increase your revenue and remain profitable by offering a personalized and high-touch client experience that maintains recurring membership sales
1-on-1 support

Community Strength

Keep more clients for longer, to build a lasting community of satisfied and engaged members

The impact of retention

Did you know that 45% of new clients will cancel their membership within their first 90 days of joining. So, what should you actually be measuring when it comes to retention and where should you focus your efforts in order to improve your retention rate? 

Build your member journey

“The key to boosting retention is to make a plan for each client in advance.”
Chris Cooper
Two-Brain Business Founder
Start mapping out your a successful client experience with a free guide from Two-Brain Business. 

Deliver quality and consistency

“Your athletes—no matter how long they’ve been at your gym—are always just one bad experience away from canceling.”
Jason Khalipa
Your coaching is your product. Download The NCFIT 10 now and start providing a consistent, top-tier experience that will keep clients coming back month-after-month.

Ready to improve your client retention with Retain?

In this Wodify help article, we will help you understand where to get started and how to understand your clients who may be at risk. 
“If you’ve got 150 clients… Paying you 150 bucks a month, and you can improve their retention by three months, your net owner benefit goes up by $40,000 a year”
Chris Cooper
Two-Brain Business Founder
How to Build a Virtual Community
Sign up for our next webinar with Street Parking, to learn how to foster a community of remote members during this time.