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Transform your gym

Wodify Core is the software of choice for 4,000 gyms around the globe. Our tools cut costs, save time and turn customers into lifetime members, making us a comprehensive solution for every part of your business.

Smarter tools for stronger gyms

Wodify Core app

Connect to your gym from anywhere. Wodify Core puts your business at the tips of your fingers.


Our dashboards & reports shed light on your business from every angle. Wodify Core collects intelligent, actionable data to deepen your understanding of your gym’s finances.

Zapier integration

Zip through to-do lists and boost productivity.  Compatible with over 750 apps, Zapier puts all your favorite web tools in one place.

Feedback to the gym

With Wodify Core’s feedback to the gym feature, collecting suggestions and opinions from customers is easy and fast.

Bulk actions

Tagging multiple members, workouts or retail products at once helps you get through tasks quickly.

Marketing made simple

Segments & conversations

Our targeted communication tools fuel meaningful interactions with instructors, members and leads at your gym.

SMS to keyword

Get new customers in the door— fast. With Wodify Core’s SMS marketing solution, leads can text a keyword to receive free trials or discounts at your gym.

Promo codes

Promo codes for free merch, discounted memberships and free workouts create an incentive for people to try your gym.

Mailchimp integration

Make every member feel like your only member. Wodify Core automatically pushes your member list to Mailchimp, an integrated email solution that makes communicating with clients quick and effective.

Wordpress blog integration

After publishing daily workouts once, Wodify Core automatically pushes them to your blog. We integrate seamlessly with Wordpress to match the style of your site, saving time while driving brand awareness.

Let leads come to you

Lead forms

Add Wodify Core’s signup form to your website and watch your lead numbers jump.

Lead management

Connect with potential customers at each step of their journey. After creating a new lead, Wodify Core lets you sign them into class, monitor their activity and eventually convert them into a paying member.

Leads by location

Gyms with multiple locations can communicate with and market to leads based on the site they’re interested in.

Fitter features, fitter finances

Wodify Payments

With our flat pricing and integration with Stripe, Wodify Core’s merchant solution makes processing payments simple and easy.


Almost payday? Let Wodify Core manage payroll so you can get back to managing your gym.

Automated billing

None of your hard-earned revenue will slip through the cracks on our watch. When it’s time to bill clients, Wodify Core handles it automatically.

Revenue by location

Gyms with multiple locations can attribute money from sales to the site the transaction happened, making it easy to see where revenue is coming from.

Selling memberships and merch

Shopify integration

If your gym carries things like t-shirts, water bottles or workout gear, you can sell them online using Wodify Core’s integration.

Wodify point of sale

With Wodify Core, selling retail products, managing invoices and refunding purchases is  a cinch.

USB and mobile swiper

We provide tools to accept drop-in payments and run retail or point of sale transactions.

Online sales portal

Buying a membership should be as easy as possible, which is why Wodify Core’s online sales portal integrates right to your website. Oh, and it also works with free trials and drop-ins.

Google Analytics integration

Wodify Core works hand-in-hand with Google Analytics, which shows you how current and potential customers are getting to your online sales portal.

Membership management

Membership enforcement

Ensure no customer books more classes than their membership allows. Or —  for those with unlimited memberships — cap the number of reservations they can have at once.

Digital contracts and waivers

Save a tree and embrace the ease of a paperless signup process. When someone buys a gym membership, each waiver and contract you need is right in Wodify Core.

Attendance tracking

Our total attendance history provides a comprehensive record of when each member signed into class. Use it to reward dedicated members, reach out to inactive ones and improve membership retention.

Streamlined invoice generation

With Wodify Core, creating invoices takes a few clicks. You can also email them to members, view outstanding payments and more.

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Inspire your instructors

Set trainers up for success. With our workout builder, appointments calendar and social insights, Wodify Core gives trainers the tools needed to lead unforgettable classes.

Make every class count

Workout builder

Using Wodify Core’s drag-and-drop workout builder and exercise database, instructors can prepare for and lead classes with confidence.

Member tagging & notes

Tag members with injuries or who need modified workouts on their profile.

Social insights

Learn what members and leads are interested in before setting foot in your gym. Our social insights connect you to each member’s public social network data to help you build a stronger community.

Wodify Core Kiosk

The Wodify Core kiosk let's instructors check people into class, display the workout and more. It’s a centerpiece in the gym that keeps everyone connected.

Get stuff done faster

Global search

Trainers can easily find an member’s waivers and contracts, contact information, attendance history and more. To activate global search, just press “Shift” and “S” on the keyboard, or click on the magnifying glass in the right hand corner of your screen.

Workout builder hotkeys

Planning your daily workout? Our keyboard shortcuts can help you build it more efficiently.

Instructor’s app

Wodify Core's kiosk features are always at your fingertips. With a few clicks, instructors can access real-time information about a member’s attendance history, modification requirements and more.

Scheduling, simplified

Appointments & services

Self-service booking takes the hassle out of scheduling one-on-one appointments for personal training, nutrition counseling or body comp assessments. Our appointments calendar also syncs with Google Calendar, which means you’ll always know exactly where to be and when.

Classes 2.0

Wodify Core’s intuitive calendar displays your class schedule, instructors leading them and the number of people signed up to go— all in one place. Embed it on your website!

Update your schedule in seconds

Use bulk actions to update multiple classes at once and cut down on time spent updating your gym’s schedule.

Gym members love Wodify Core too

Wodify Core is one of the only performance tracking solutions to garner nearly 100 percent adoption among gym members. It creates a unique customer experience that keeps clients coming back for every workout.

Logging the fitness journey

Performance tracking

Wodify Core encourages accountability and friendly competition. After every workout, members can log results and track their progress.

Nutritional journal

Help members achieve their health and fitness goals. Our nutrition journal reinforces healthy eating habits to fuel members during workouts.

Wodify Pulse

Get that blood pumping! Wodify Core’s built-in heart rate solution gives members real-time feedback.

Building a high-tech fitness community

Social likes & comments

Wodify Core’s social platform enables members to connect, build friendships, celebrate victories and more. Connecting with other members is a quick like or comment away.


Go ahead and chuck your dry erase markers. Members can view each other’s results from the daily workout on the Wodify Core whiteboard.


Your members are competitive. Take advantage of it! Wodify Core’s leaderboard displays your gym’s top three male and female performers of all time, giving members a benchmark to meet and beat when they come to workout.

Customers can manage
memberships their way

Member app

Your clients have their own app to track workout results, book classes, check the gym’s schedule and connect with other members.

Groups & shared payments

Families who workout together stay together. With Wodify Core, you can transform how families share payments and manage memberships for children at your gym.


Members can sign into class, reserve their spot and view the daily workout on Wodify Core’s coachboard.


Members never have to worry about missing a workout. If one of your members is travelling, they can use Wodifind to locate gyms nearby with Wodify Core.

Wodify Core #1 Gym Software

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