Street Parking

A 63% increase in Challenge Participation

Wodify Rise, Nutrition Tracking.
Growth in engagement
5 Hours
Saved in planning

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Key Business Need Nutrition Tracking

Holding people accountable, tracking progress and scoring tasks was always guessing game whenever Street Parking hosted online challenges. After relying on paper scorecards and an email newsletter to engage participants, Street Parking realized they needed an integrated, accurate system to keep clients motivated.

Street Parking implemented Wodify Rise for their “New Year, Better You” nutrition challenge and immediately noticed an uptick in participation. Since clients could easily track their food intake, measure results and follow the leaderboard from the app, Wodify Rise gave the challenge another level of precision and professionalism. “Wodify Rise is really nice because our clients have everything they need in one place,” said Street Parking Nutrition Coach Molly Vollmer. “Before, they had to refer their newsletter every time they needed information. But now, everything is in one area.” Wodify Rise also made selling and promoting the challenge easier, Vollmer noted. Since people could do everything on the app, Wodify Rise increased the challenge’s appeal and encouraged more people to sign up.

“All in all, people really like the Wodify Rise app. It’s really been awesome.”

“The Wodify Rise app and leaderboard also hold people more accountable than paper and the honor system. It makes everything easier.”

Molly Vollmer

Street Parking Nutrition Coach

As a result of using Wodify Rise, Street Parking had a 150 more people sign up for the challenge — representing a 63% increase in participation. Vollmer also said participants were more motivated than they had been during previous challenges, thanks to the Wodify Rise app. “The Wodify Rise app and leaderboard hold people more accountable than paper and the honor system,” said Vollmer. “It simplifies everything.” Additionally, Wodify Rise made Vollmer’s life easier as the challenge organizer, saving her around five hours in planning on the front end. Overall, Vollmer had a great experience with Wodify Rise and is looking forward to using it in the future. “It’s been a really rad path,” said Vollmer. “I can’t wait to move forward with Wodify Rise.”

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