to Wodify
in review
20 new hires
Patrick Reber
Alexandra Farrell 
Alex Blackson 
Rodrigo Gualberto 
Matthew Kenig 
Michael Fink
John Doto 
Jennifer Ingling 
Corinne Bolanos
Anthony Harrison 
Vanessa Medrano
Mark Beach 
Matthew Hennessey 
Hung Tang 
Barret Rus 
Rebecca Sloane 
Austin Larsen  
Christopher Cochran 
Stephen DiNardo
Saloni Sharma
New Leadership Hires
Steve DiNardo, Head of Customer Experience
Ali Farrell, Head of People
David Chen, Engineering Manager
Mike Trinh, Senior Cloud Network Engineer
4183 applicants
990 hours spent interviewing
9 employees added furry friends to the Wodifam
Dave Royer, Becca Sloane, David Chen, Mike Trinh, Jenn Sofield, Mary Thomforde, Carla Mercurio, Nicole Vogelsong, Matt Hennessey
1 baby joined the Wodifam
Welcome baby girl Jamie Aldeene Kenig
10 amazing parents are working and teaching from home
Matt Kenig, Matt Hennessey, Carla Mercurio, Ali Farrell, Ameet Shah, Steve DiNardo, Jon Walka, Nelson Freitas, Jennifer Sofield, Keri Tait
6 workshops and employee engagement events
744 Slack messages in our #culture channel
520 Slack messages in our #shoutouts channel
$37,000 spent on learning, development, and executive coaching
Our top ticket solvers
1. Mary Thomforde (3,794)
2. Katie Rogers (3,599)
3. Kali Rivera (3,298)
19,808 tickets solved
774 hours spent doing 1:1 calls
700 new Core customers
350 Covid-19 relief calls/gyms helped
491,823 new athletes
518 social media posts
1,783,495 social media impressions
Launched our Storybrand scripts
We help overwhelmed gym owners reclaim their time and grow successfully, with software that runs their business.
1 new CRM implemented
5 new WOD Marketplace partners
15,000+ WODS/week sync’d through WOD Marketplace
10,873,102 scheduled classes
28,973,842 performances logged
Busiest Months
Jan 2020 (12.5% of sign ins)
Feb 2020 (11.6% of sign ins)
1,198 international customers
International Countries with the most customers
Australia: 302 
UK: 148 
Canada: 125
Uptime in 2019 vs 2020
Arena - 99.75%
Live - 99.75%
Rise - 99.75%
Core - 99.77%
Arena - 99.86%
Live - 99.86%
Rise - 99.86%
Core - 99.97%
96% CSAT score
Positive Feedback
“10/10 😁 Quick response, answered what I asked. Very happy 💪🏼😁👊🏼 Thanks team 🙌”
“Always so prompt, patient and helpful in their responses!”
“Every time I talk to somebody at Wodify I’m very pleased with how helpful they are.”
“Very professional and took the time to hear every concern. I left feeling that my issues were solved.”
“Your entirely staff is always so helpful and professional -- I am lucky to have such a valuable resource.”