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The Underground Strength Gym

Wodify Core: the tool I needed to scale


Zach Even-Esh is a renowned strength coach, author, and sought-after instructor with more than 15 years’ experience training members of all ages. His three strength and conditioning gyms produce elite athletes across a wide range of sports, including football, baseball, soccer, and swimming. He has been a loyal Wodify Core customer since 2014.


In its early days, inconsistent fee collecting, old-fashioned paper punch cards and unmanageable clipboards were the norm at The Underground Strength Gym. These outdated solutions were making it difficult for Zach Even-Esh to accurately track memberships and collect payments in a timely manner. As a result, his returns were stagnant and growth was impossible. Further complicating things was his inability to regularly communicate with parents of younger athletes during pick-up and drop-off, which made their payment and scheduling arrangements irregular at best. Lost revenue, escalating paperwork, and the stress of running three locations was getting to Even-Esh. He seriously considered cutting his losses and closing one of his gyms.


When Wodify Core was rolled out in all three of his locations, things immediately turned around. Centralized and automated billing and payment systems helped Even-Esh increase his bottom line. “As soon as I implemented Wodify Core, my revenue doubled,” he says. Its suite of features also changed the dynamic between his coaches and athletes for the better. “Before Wodify Core, my coaches had to ask athletes or their parents for payment. Now that’s handled through Wodify Core's automated system. The product enables me and my staff to focus on turning our athletes into champions.” Even-Esh recognized his needs and sought a tool that could provide turnkey financial management. “I’m a coach and trainer, not a business guy,” he says. “My finances were a guessing game before Wodify Core.”


Managing multiple locations used to be a headache for Even-Esh, but now it’s easier than ever. Wodify Core allows him to focus on consistency, even when he’s not in the gym. His coaches can easily access and execute workouts and programs, and Even-Esh has total insight into member attendance, helping him to better manage athlete engagement and retention.
Today, Even-Esh recognizes the role that Wodify Core has played in his business’ success and that the cost of the software suite has yielded high returns due to its ability to keep his three locations afloat. “I would have closed my second location if it wasn’t for Wodify Core,” he says.

Executive Summary

With paperwork mounting and outdated technology making everything more complicated, Underground Strength Gym owner Zach Even-Esh was fed up. Unless he could find a program that could organize everything from membership payments and class scheduling to simply staying in contact with his athletes, he would have to close one of his three locations. Fortunately, a friend recommended Wodify Core.
Zach Even-Esh
The Underground Strength Gym
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