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With over 275 athletes and nine coaches, CrossFit Dynamix is a thriving gym committed to helping athletes achieve their highest potential. Owners Johnny Nice and Justin Cotler launched their facility in 2012 and now offer boxing and personal training in addition to daily strength and conditioning classes.


Nice and Cotler found themselves in the same situation as many box owners looking to grow and succeed: their management software was insufficient and their athlete tracking methods were out-of-date. Before Wodify, CrossFit Dynamix used Mindbody Online for their inventory, reporting and forecasting. However, the owners found the software difficult to navigate and use. Additionally, the duo managed reservations and athlete performance with pens, paper, and calculators scattered throughout the gym floor. They needed a single accurate and efficient program that could handle both back-end management and customer-facing functions to help set their gym apart.



Implementing Wodify was easy and the owners were impressed with how quickly they could transition their business and athletes online. “We set up our kiosk, sent our coaches the training videos, and notified our members,” said Cotler. “I don’t think there was a single billing hiccup.”
Of all that Wodify does to benefit CrossFit Dynamix, Monthly Reporting is the most crucial feature. Easy-to-read bar graphs and pie charts give Nice and Cotler a snapshot of their gym’s status. These reports help them quickly and accurately analyze different pieces of their business, from attendance and class popularity, to multiple revenue streams like merchandise and personal training. Income reports are sent directly to their accountant, freeing up more time for them to coach and encourage their members.

Executive Summary

CrossFit Dynamix is a well-respected and established gym in the highly competitive New York City market. Their tracking and management solutions, including Mindbody Online software and lots of pens and calculators, simply weren’t cutting it. They needed something easy-to-use, accurate and robust. They discovered Wodify in 2015 and haven’t looked back.
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CrossFit Dynamix
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