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CrossFit 1Force is a well-established box in Deptford, NJ that produces some of the most competitive crossfitters in the area. Owners Jesse Crespo and Erin Kelly grew their business from 19 athletes to several hundred in just two years. It's 10,000 sf facility includes a large outdoor area for tire flipping, running, and truck-pulling. Co-owners Jesse Crespo and Erin Kelly have been using Wodify’s entire suite of features for four years.


Their box rapidly grew into a thriving business before Jesse and Erin had an effective way to manage their memberships and financials. They were in need of scalable business processes that would minimize the time needed to run a business and better enable them to focus on the reasons why they became box owners: to coach, train and inspire their athletes.
Erin Kelly and Jesse Crespo
CrossFit 1 Force


Jesse and Erin chose Wodify. They seamlessly migrated their business operations and brought all of their athletes into the system within a few days. Jesse says, “There is great value in using Wodify. It is cost efficient because it consolidated all of the separate tools I was using at the time.  For example, I was paying someone to do my spreadsheets and used a service to process credit cards. Now it is all handled within a single tool.” 

The ability to run their entire business from a single site - from payroll and retail to class scheduling and lead management, has been critical in growing their business.  For Jesse, the reporting feature is a key management tool because it provides actionable data. He says, “In just a few clicks I can see the health of my business at 30, 60 and 90 days and adjust what I’m doing, as needed.” They also enjoy great rates through Wodify’s merchant system.  CrossFit 1Force’s bottom line increased over 18% in the first month following the launch of the Wodify payment feature.

To someone who might be hesitant in adopting Wodify, Jesse says, “My box would not run efficiently without Wodify. The reporting tracks receivables, retail sales, athlete performance, member attendance and more. Without it, I would not know my business or its potential for growth.” 

All of CrossFit 1Force’s athletes use Wodify, which replaced their paper and pen system and provides coaches with an instant snapshot of class attendees. It accurately tracks punch cards and ensures all unlimited athletes have an active membership. Sign-ins are permitted only for athletes with valid credit cards. 

Wodify’s Mailchimp integration enables Jesse and Erin to communicate with their entire membership and any leads in the time it takes to write an email. Contact information of both current and prospective members are housed in a single system that can be accessed and leveraged at any time. 

Jesse and Erin use Wodify’s performance tracking and leaderboards to empower coaches and athletes with the information needed to achieve results and to connect to their community. Erin said, “There’s no greater reward than reading the athletes’ comments to each other on a hard earned PR or for top spot on the day’s metcon.” The leaderboards are used for accountability and foster competition, and the athletes’ Wodify accounts are easily linked to Twitter. Sharing results on social generates leads and buzz for CrossFit 1Force. 

“We can only attain when we can retain. Wodify helps us keep our athletes happy, healthy and connected. We all win.” 

Over the years, Jesse and Erin have also found that Wodify’s Rx feature encourages athletes to work harder.  “Simply knowing they can check the “Rx” box has helped many athletes realize their full potential.” 

Knowing they can always get help from Wodify’s support team when needed is also a great benefit. Jesse said, “The unlimited product support is great. When I call Wodify’s team I know I’ll get the the help I need from folks who are product experts and who know the Crossfit business inside and out.”


Automated, error-free billing and processing
Provides actionable data and reporting
Automates business processes
Promotes athlete accountability
Increased social reach and community building through Twitter integration
Erin Kelly and Jesse Crespo
CrossFit 1 Force