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12 Labours CrossFit

A tale of 3 gyms


12 Labours CrossFit is the 112th CrossFit affiliate, and consists of three boxes in the Baltimore-Annapolis-Columbia area. Together, they have 27 coaches training over 500 athletes.


Prior to joining the Wodify Core team, 12 Labours used a combination of Front Desk, Zen Planner, and MindBody software systems, which resulted in constant headaches for co-founder Luke Espe and his team. “[It was] hard to go into Front Desk and even update credit card information,” said Espe. The problems extended to his coaching staff as well. They were spending more time performing complicated, tedious software tasks and less time coaching, providing encouragement, and enjoying their job. The final straw came when Espe noticed that even though his gyms shared a name, they were very disconnected. Their existing software suite wasn’t capable of forging a strong sense of community.


Wodify Core was the answer Luke Espe and his team were looking for. “It’s much easier to use than other software. I used to be a software guy, so, if I have an IT degree and some of those things are difficult for me, I can’t imagine other gym owners going into those other systems and using them.” Now that all three locations use Wodify Core, 12 Labours can manage everything they need in one place: membership, attendance, custom WODs, mass communication, and the Leaderboards. “I think it’s been a tremendous help for me from the programming side,” says Espe. Wodify’s Leaderboards are also a box favorite and help bring his community together. Athletes can check stats, put names to faces, and discover who their competitors are, even if they don’t train in the same building. Espe says, “[I]n my eyes, the three-gym thing wouldn’t have worked if [Wodify Core] wasn’t something that brought them all together day to day.”


Handling three locations with three different software systems and one revenue stream used to be a challenge for Luke Espe and his team. Now with Wodify Core, those frustrations are over.
Members enjoy a stronger sense of community through the Leaderboard, as it bridges the physical gap between their three locations. Other Wodify Core features such as athlete tracking and progress reports across months or years brings everything into perspective and helps members stay motivated.

Executive Summary

12 Labours CrossFit is the product of three Maryland boxes merging together to form one unified brand. The initial consolidation process was bumpy, as each gym operated disparate software systems, none of which completely met their needs. With Wodify Core, 12 Labours CrossFit now enjoys a user-friendly platform that can seamlessly manage memberships and finances and keeps their community tight.
Luke Espe
12 Labours CrossFit
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